“Neenv, Social Welfare Association" is a no-profit Non Government Organization, working for the extended basic needs of the society i.e. education, health and clean environment. We are committed to protect the Earth – its environment, its biodiversity and its people, in the state in which we have inherited it from our ancestors. We are committed to improve the quality of life of the human race, ensuring their social, legal and other rights, so that future generations may lead a better life. We are committed to give every individual a dignified life that is a life where there is no dearth of basic needs of human be it social, educational, natural, cultural and emotional. "Environment, Health and Education" are burning issued of a developing society like that of India and this is...

Our Causes

  • Help Age Services

    Neenv are actively involved in setting up & running an old-age home with the twin objective of providing shelter, food & making them self-dependent. In our continuing fight against poverty, isolation and neglect of elders in our society, we have made significant

  • Education on Age Care

    Education is a strong pillar to concrete better future. Education is something which which develops thinking skill in the educated ones and that is something which creates the difference between living like a human of living like an animal.

  • Health Care

    We at NEENV are committed to keep our society healthy and for this cause the target area and the target people for medical facilities is the people or Rural India. The people of rural area have no or very limited access to extended to approach

  • Environment

    Environment is the major concern for all. It has become the burning issue worldwide. Being a part of the world we cannot turn our back to the need of hour. We usually and frequently talk about saving our environment and mother earth,


  • “Neenv, Social Welfare association is doing great work. I am happy to make whatever contribution I can. The Diwali greeting which I received last year from the child whom I was supporting brought tears to my eyes and once again highlighted the support that institutions like Neenv, Social Welfare association need from us. So I would request all the capable citizens of our country to contribute for this noble cause.”

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